Candela C–8 : The first modern watercraft

All other boats just became obsolete. Candela C-8 is the craft that breaks existing rules and sets the new ones.

Merging advanced aircraft technology with software and electronics, C-8 flies above the waves in absolute silence. Consuming just a fraction of the energy conventional boats use, C-8 is the first true long-range electric cruiser. But that’s just the start.

Candela C–7

Candela C-7, the first model from Candela, is the world’s first foiling electric boat. Since its introduction in 2018, the C-7 has won numerous prizes as well as topping electric boat sales in Europe.

Candela C–POD: A silent revolution beneath

Candela Cpod

Candela C-POD is the most efficient and long-lasting boat motor ever made. Two ultra-compact yet strong permanent magnet motors under the water provide unrivaled range and efficiency. Enough thrust to make our boats fly at a speed of 30 knots, in absolute silence.

Electric direct-drive means no noise from gears, no oil changes and no maintenance. The patent-pending Candela C-POD will last a lifetime, without needing service.

Candela Comfort: Superior interior

The cabin in C-8 sleeps two adults and two children. The optional Premium Sound System with subwoofer and six speakers allows for a unique concert experience onboard the most silent electric craft ever made.
Candela C-8 Rear view

Video: Foiling double up

Watching the speedy 69F sailing boat fly next to Candela C-7 is to see into the future.

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